Partying Really Can Boost Business


Cambodians sure know how to party and if you’re thinking of launching a business in the Kingdom then you’d better dust down your dancing shoes and prepare for a whirlwind of events.

“They hold parties here for everything,” Imran Sadiq, Director of Live Wire Events, says. “They love to network with people and it really is a huge thing.” Whether it’s to launch a new company, welcome a new CEO, wave goodbye to an employee, host a networking event or to celebrate a wedding, putting on a top event is an important part of the way Cambodian business works.

And it can also prove to be an invaluable tool for new companies landing in Cambodia as a way to get to know fellow businesses and build up contacts in an alien country. “Often we are asked to put on events for new companies coming in and it’s definitely something I would recommend,” Sadiq says. “We will take care of everything, including sharing our network of relevant clients with them as they are new here. Then we can hold a small networking event so the new company can get to know the business community.”

Launched eight years ago, Live Wire was one of a handful of event companies operating in Cambodia at the time and organizes all details of an event, from the sound, lighting and the Master of Ceremonies to opening ceremonies, decorations, entertainment and catering. Since then, the industry has expanded with a series of other companies entering the market, including Cambodian events agencies rather than solely international. Sadiq adds, “Sometimes it’s nice to share the piece of cake rather than having it to yourself. Most important to me is that we have a great team of experts in Live Wire with different nationalities: Sri Lankan, Cambodian, Singaporean, Filipino, German and Hungarian.”

“We try to do something different every time in terms of the concept,” Imran, who has secured contracts with Hennessy, International Banks, Cambodia Airports and other big name of brands, Sadiq says. “We try to bring International flavour to Cambodia while following the culture here; that’s a must. We might do this by bringing in an International DJ or the trend now is hip-hop so we’ll bring in International Beat Boxers and other International Artists, but it’s important to understand the brand and the market they’re targeting.”

Understanding that every event can run into minor problems, Sadiq’s motto is “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” and that is something he stands by, regardless. “The show must go on because no event is perfect and there’s always a little bit of something that goes wrong. It doesn’t matter what, the show must always go on,” he says.

Live Wire Events is registered with Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

For more information on Live Wire Events, which covers Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, or anywhere else in the country, visit their website here


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