Prince Horology – Cambodia’s Luxury Swiss Style Watchmaking School


B2B Cambodia was given the opportunity to visit Prince Horology, Cambodia’s only luxury watch-making school, and hear from Australian Jessica Thakur who is a professional watchmaker and mentor at the institution. 

The idea of forming a high-end watchmaking school in Cambodia has its roots in 2016 and with the investment from Prince Group, they are able to produce high-precision and low-production timepieces. 

Thakur believes that they invest in quality to produce quality and that most of the equipment is imported from Switzerland to provide local and international students to have access to high-quality training and education.

Over the past year, Prince Horology accepted its first two female students, as well as its first student from Switzerland.

With six Cambodian interns in total at the moment, high-end independent watchmaking could be seen in the future in the Kingdom, creating artisanal luxury brands.


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