SEARA Sports Offers Stand Up Health Solution For Office Workers

Scientists recommend office workers stand rather than sit at desks as much as possible during their working day.

Sitting for the majority of the workday is what most office jobs afford – an accepted standard amongst professionals. But a wealth of reports from reputed sources such as The Washington PostThe New York TimesThe Los Angeles Times and The Huffington Post, have highlighted the health dangers of always assuming this sedentary posture.

American company InMovement manufacture products, including specially designed desks and footrests, which provide a standing alternative to seated office work. Thanks to exclusive distributors Sports Engineering and Recreation Asia (SEARA) Sports Systems, located at the 4th floor of the Camned Building (#142 Norodom Blvd), these products are now coming to Cambodia. 

B2B talks to SEARA Cambodia country manager Anthony Gaglardi to find out more about the InMovement revolution, and how standing up more at work can help yourself and your company:

SEARA Sports Cambodia country manager Anthony Gaglardi.

What are the main benefits of using InMovement products in your office?

InMovement offers innovative solutions to the traditional way we work in an office by promoting movement to increase health benefits for all. Most people aren’t aware that if they sit for most of the day, their risk of getting a heart attack is similar to those who smoke. Additionally, sitting for lengthy periods of time has been linked to depressive symptoms while calorie burning falls to roughly one per minute as soon as one sits down.

For a span of over one year, InMovement has been measuring the effects of moving more throughout the workday. InMovement customers report increased energy and focus, reduced aches and pains, lower stress levels and even weight loss.

What range of InMovement products are available, and what are the prices?

InMovement is a relatively new range of innovative products that have been freshly introduced to the market, particularly in Southeast Asia, so it has not been installed in Cambodia as yet. It is a very hot product in the US market right now and is definitely making waves in Asia.

We stock the InMovement Treadmill Desk in our Bangkok warehouse, along with other popular InMovement Standing Desks. Our price offers vary on specific items, ranging from $100 for accessories such as the Anti-Fatigue Mat to $700 for Elevate DeskTops, and roughly $7,000 for the world-famous InMovement Treadmill Desk (as seen on TV).

We have received quite a few interesting requests domestically in recent weeks and are excited to see these life-changing products installed in commercial, boutique and home offices very soon.

How easy are they to install in offices and how easy are they to use? 

InMovement products are easy to setup and certainly very user-friendly. We have a highly experienced Service & Maintenance Team trained by each manufacture that SEARA Sports Systems represents, so customers can have peace of mind with regards to the installation process all the way to the servicing and maintenance support years down the road. We also provide product training for our respective customers to ensure that they are well informed in order to enjoy the full functions of these fantastic products.

Are there any special offers or deals associated with these products in the coming months?

We are delighted to offer a special discount on the InMovement Treadmill Desk from December 2016 to end of January 2017. Please visit our office & showroom or contact us via 023 211 614 for more details.



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