SingMeng Q&A: Technology & Telecoms


B2B Cambodia recently caught up with Singapore-based multimedia service provider SingMeng Telemedia, formerly known as SuperNet, to find out about the industry they work within, the changes and challenges they face, and the future of multimedia in Cambodia.

Update – SingMeng TV closed down its operations in Cambodia in 2022.

How has your industry evolved in Cambodia in recent years?

Technology development, as part of civilisation’s evolution, is always to make people’s life better and easier. Digitalisation, automation and simplification are key factors to modernising the technological network and enabling a better user service experience.

The global trend is the convergence of multiple system services including landline telephone systems, high speed internet, smart TV, SVOD, online gaming, and massive content and mobile services. It can only be delivered by the convergence of the networks, which is exactly what SingMeng has developed.

What challenges remain in Cambodia regarding this industry? What are the solutions to these challenges?

Nowadays, one network over one single fiber can secure the services of high speed internet, smart TV, landline telephone systems, and even smart building/community platforms. This has been widely deployed in North America and Europe as well as our neighbours in SEA. But in Cambodia most buildings, even newly constructed ones and CBDs, very often still use coaxial cable for TV and video, which physically prevents them from enjoying the best video experience available today, and closes the door to a better experience in future. Moreover, it is a big CAPEX followed by huge OPEX.

What projects have you undertaken that you are most proud of and why?

  • We are the only Telecom Operator to provide Triple Play Solutions in Cambodia: high speed internet/connections, entertainment platforms (OTT Smart TV, SVOD, games and content), fix phone with Voice over IP solution, wireless service WiFi (carrying all the SingMeng services), and smart communities/buildings.
  • High Speed Internet/Connections: carrier class transmission network, huge capacity as the foundation our service. ISP services, such as high speed internet, dedicated connections and carrier-class quality for businesses, casinos, hotels, condos, CDB etc with a homogenous service.
  • Smart TV: our OTT is not anymore a TV only, it is an entertainment platform that you can enjoy around 120 channels, games, VOD, replay, YouTube and smart TV over the ordinary TV sets. You also enjoy the mobile TV through our app.
  • Fiber and WiFi: the triple play service is delivered by fiber and Wifi. In banks and hospitals, waiting time become a fun time as long as you have SingMeng Wifi. You may surf the internet, watch SingMeng TV, play games, and make phone calls.

What are the main advantages of a customer employing your services over other companies in the same sector?

By ordering the whole package from SingMeng you can enjoy the full benefits of the technical and financial advantages that come with it.

We offer a very affordable price and we share the benefits of our new technologies with our customers. When considering the full, triple play service, we are your best options in the market today, and the smart choice. Currently we are working on multiple, well-known complexes, such as One Park for example.

It is a new era in Cambodia, and with us our customers can enjoy the orchestra of telecom and media services becoming available.

Our focus is our customers requirements and delivering to them the best quality experience available to them.

What are the most exciting things happening in the industry right now, and can we expect to see some of these things in Cambodia in the near future?

We are going to launch 4K OTT TV by the end of November this year. It is an ultra HD TV, offering twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 1080p, the standard HD delivery, and three times the horizontal and vertical resolution of 720p devices.

Do all those extra pixels matter? They matter very much! More pixels mean more information, and more information means sharper pictures, making the visual experience far more engaging.

More engaging content is more fun. And more fun – well – fun is the point, isn’t it?


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