Start-Up Winners Call For Help


The winners of Start-up Weekend Cambodia are calling on the business world to help them follow their dream to London.

Bright young sparks spent three days battling it out to come up with a winning idea for the biggest Start-up Weekend Cambodia to date. But there could only be one champion and out of the 16 teams of entrepreneurs, Adscool/IRecommend walked away with the title.

The winning team, which was led by Tharo Sen, is a photo-based mobile app that allows users to add tags, such as the name of their favourite restaurant. They win points and in turn discount coupons from the business owner.

After scooping the top spot, the team now has the chance of joining 200 fellow winners from Start-up Weekend cities across the globe. They will pitch their idea at the Global Start-up Battle Google Champion in London later this year.

But to get there, the team needs to secure votes from the public. Saro says, “Even though we just won Start-up Weekend Cambodia, we still have to keep pursuing it with perseverance.

“So I wish everyone, especially Cambodian, will support the Cambodian entrepreneurial endeavors by voting for our team in the Google Champions or just by visiting our website.”

The third Start-up Weekend Cambodia, which took place at the Yellow Tower in Phnom Penh, attracted 120 budding entrepreneurs in the form of Khmers, expats and business owners. The aim is to form teams who work together to develop a business idea during the 54 hour event.

With the help of mentors, the teams come up with a business model and are given the chance to create their first Minimum Viable Product, providing those who have never started a business before with invaluable first-hand experience.

At the end of the event, the teams pitch their idea to a panel of expert judges, including Divon Lan, product manager at New Wave Emerging Markets at Google and Trent Eddy, director of Emerging Markets Investment, who select a winner.

Tharo says, “Start-up Weekend is an awesome weekend that people come together as a team celebrating entrepreneurial dream. I am so fortunate to learn and cheer with amazing people including expats and proud Cambodians.

“Mr Pily Wong, my respective mentor, made me realise an idea is an idea but execution is worth a million.”

The second spot was taken by Peeler, a digital dashboard that brings together information from social media and news streams, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. It also enables users to trace the reputation of a company if required.

Cloud Drink secured third place. The smart phone mobile app allows users to order drinks and provides an intuitive back office for retailers to display their products.

Start-up Weekend Cambodia aims to inspire young entrepreneurs in Cambodia. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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