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A solid social media strategy can help boost business and improve brand attraction as the shape of marketing changes across South East Asia.

Painting a picture of business across the region being driven by digital marketing in the future, Endorphine Concept co-owner Adrienne Ravez says it is essential companies invest in building a social media presence.

She adds creating a strong plan targeting the multi-million audience who log on daily to a string of social networking sites is also a cost-efficient way of getting your name and products into the public domain, providing you implement the right strategy.

“Social media strategies are something as a company you cannot avoid, regardless of your field of activity,” she explains. “In today’s age, where so many people are using social media hourly, there are undeniable oportunities for brands relying on these tools.”

And in a country that has more than 1.2 million Facebook users, it is little wonder digital marketing and social media are rapidly growing areas within the country’s burgeoning tech scene.

Further than setting up a Facebook page and engaging daily with your audience, Adrienne suggests to foremost identify the right social media channels, such as LinkedIn as a more formal business-orientated tool, YouTube for video footage and Instagram for any photography-related posts to entice business. It matters to think about the most relevant network, as each business is different.

Talking about the digital market in Cambodia, Ravez describes it as “strong growing” but adds it is far from being mature. However, as local companies increasingly understand the importance of a strong social media presence and the value of digital marketing the market looks set to boom.

Ravez and business partner Yohan Brizolier relocated from France to launch their company in early 2013 after seeing the region’s potential and rapid growth in the digital and technology fields.

Endorphine Concept specialises in digital marketing. It serves start-ups and clients across Asia, helping them to deliver digital strategies. It also works with partner agencies across the globe to provide digital solutions under a white label.

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