The Essence of Customer Care


By ensuring a Positive Customer Experience, King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management has developed more innovative products and services for their clients and tenants.

King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management has broken the barriers regarding tenants and management relations with its Customer Service, which has garnered positive reviews from their existing tenants and clients.

“Our management has appreciated how they took their customer care seriously, we will grade them with an average of 3 stars for their responsiveness and follow through, in relation to courtesy I will give them 4 stars”, according to Mr Sorith, Manager of People & Partner Insurance PLC.

Another tenant commented: “In terms of Customer Care and their management team I will give them 5 stars for their exceptional service”, said Mr Vito Long of PASSNATEXAM.

“King’s Road Angkor leasing prices are also quite acceptable, in particular the lease price packages they prepared for our company, In relation to their customer service and management team our company gives them 5 stars for their superb performance and management”, said Ms Chatora, General Manager of Kilat Events Siem Reap Branch.

One of the key aspects of the growth or downfall of a company is customer service, and at King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management the core objective has always been to offer more innovative products and services, which in turn translated to more client enquiries and renewal of lease requests from their existing tenants.

This endeavor was spearheaded by Mr. Ban Vibol, following his appointment as King’s Road Angkor’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Under my leadership we focus more on Customer Service, with more focus on guest and tenants relation”, said Mr Ban Vibol.

At King’s Road Angkor they have custom made products for their clients, and have implemented a Customer Retention Management system for their tenants’ needs and concerns.

“Concerning every client, we always listen to them and understand fully what they want and need”, Mr Jomari Cruz, Chief Commercial Officer and recently appointed General Manager, told us.

“We have developed custom made leasing price packages that enable our clients to have more opportunities to set up their business in our properties,” continued Mr Cruz.

“Whether our clients are small or big investors, we treat them equally and our commercial office will be glad to welcome them at our guest reception lounge.”

They have implemented a user experience management system that has allowed their tenants to inform them of any issues, and to also pay their bills resulting in faster action, response, and convenience for all involved.

“We make it our foremost focus that, whatever our clients concerns are, we can take action and respond immediately through this system. We have also set up a hotline for them to contact us at any time,” Mr Cruz finished.

At King’s Road Angkor they are also sending key staff in charge of customer service to attend training seminars, both in Cambodia and abroad.

“We partnered with prestigious training companies here and also outside of the country, as we are not complaisant to our status, we are adopting the latest trends in relation to customer service with an international standard,” commented Mr Ban Vibol.

Indeed, at King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management you are treated like royalty, whether you are client or tenant.


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