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38 Street 322, Phnom Penh

People & Partners Insurance PLC was conceived by our shareholders in March 2014, and our core project team started working with the Ministry of Economic and Finance in May 2014. We have supplied all necessary documents and satisfied all technical requirements to the ministry by September 2014, and we received an in principle go ahead subject to just a few further requirements before a full license was granted on 22/04/2015.

With our “customer focused” culture our management and staff are always available to serve every customer, small or large.

  • General enquiries regarding our products and costings
  • Details of procedures to renew insurance contracts, explain different insurance policies, claims requests, issue new contracts and provide information regarding the benefits of our insurance.
  • Risk surveys done by our experienced staff to assist in the assessment of risks to your business and how best to minimize and manage risks in order to secure the most competitive premium.


Contact Information for People & Partners Insurance
(+855) 23 217 878


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