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Sciaroni & Associates is a leading professional and investment advisory firm based in Cambodia with legal offices in Myanmar and Laos. Since 1993 the firm has been providing advice and business insights to many of the world's leading companies, governments and organizations, as well as counsel to the Royal Government of Cambodia. The firm regularly is requested to provide  advice to embassies and consular offices of foreign governments operating in the capital city.  Additionally, Sciaroni & Associates has advised intergovernmental organizations, economic think tanks, global development investment funds and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with country and regional expertise.

Led by a team of seasoned professional with decades of multinational experience, Sciaroni & Associates features a staff of international and Cambodian advisors, paralegals and support personnel providing expertise in sector-specific practice groups to maximize the value and efficiency of our advisory teams.
For over twenty years, Senior Partner Bretton G. Sciaroni has advised national and international clients with investments and/or operations in Cambodia and has been a leading contributor to the development of the Cambodian economy and private sector.
Of particular significance is the excellent working relationship Sciaroni & Associates has developed over the years with Cambodian governmental institutions. Mr. Sciaroni negotiated the first foreign investment in Cambodia under the 1994 foreign investment law and made significant contributions to legal development programs assisting Cambodian governmental institutions in drafting laws and regulations, and training government officials, including judges and ministerial staff, on legal procedures.
Adhering to stringent international best practices and the highest caliber of ethics, the firm provides guidance in across all facets of business and investment – capital markets, infrastructure investment, banking and finance, mining and energy, dispute resolution, company creation, licensing, labor, property and government relations.

Since 2000 Mr Sciaroni has served with Cambodia’s Minister of Economy and Finance as a Co-Chairman of the Working Group on Law, Tax and Good Governance. The working group includes private sector members and governmental entities which seek resolution to issues in the business community. Mr. Sciaroni regularly serves as the head of the private sector delegation to the Consultative Group meetings, conducted jointly by the Royal Government of Cambodia and the donor community.


Sciaroni & Associates’ strengths lie in its long tenure as a premier investment advisory firm integral to fostering economic development and foreign investment in the region. Decades of experience by seasoned partners coupled with extensive work with government institutions, foreign governments and leading international companies provide the firm with deep understanding of public-private partnership issues. Its focus on foreign investment into the region provides the firm with deep insight into crafting policies and rules that are understood and applicable in furthering the foreign investment interests of host governments. Sciaroni & Associates is well-positioned historically and regionally to provide knowledgeable counsel to a diverse client base to assist in optimizing their ability to operate throughout the ASEAN footprint.


Contact Information for Sciaroni & Associates
(+855) 23 210 225


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