ABA Bank and KESS Innovation Promote Cashless Payments


ABA Bank and KESS Innovation Plc. have signed a partnership to promote cashless payments using the ESS e-commerce payment system.

ABA Bank and KESS sign partnership
Photo Credit: (ABA Bank) Mr. Askhat Azhikhanov, Executive Director of ABA and Mr. Peth Kimsran, Executive Director of KESS

ABA Bank recently was announced as the Euromoney ‘Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia​ 2020’ winner. One of the key reasons cited by the well regarded financial publication is ABA’s digital​ footprint.​ In​ 2019,​ ABA Bank “enhanced​ QR-code​ cashless​ payment​ service,​ ABA​ PAY,​ launched​ mobile​ savings​ and​ mobile​ fixed​ accounts,​ and​ rolled​ out​ international​ SWIFT​ money​ transfers​ in​ its​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.”

Through the partnership with KESS Innovation Plc., ABA Bank customers are able to complete cashless payments through merchants and online to merchants. ABA Bank customers can now register their bank account and have a seamless digital payment and one-click shopping experience.

In the future, the Cambodian bank said in a statement, for in-store purchases, KESS merchants will use the ABA QR payment solution, ABA PAY.

ABA Bank, Managing Director of Card and Electronic Payment Services, Sanzhar Abdullayev said: “We believe that customers using KESS will have easy access to payment for products and services by supporting entrepreneurs and local producers and at the same time promote Cambodia to become a digital payment society.”

Who are KESS Innovation Plc.?

Mr. PE Kimsrean, CEO of KESS Innovation Plc. added that “after three years of effort, we believe the (Cambodian) market is now mature enough to use our featured product: KESS CHAT. KESS CHAT connects farmers and local consumers, vendors to suppliers to receive WeChat/Alipay/Visa Card/Mastercard.”

KESS Innovation Plc was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and is a 100% Cambodian-owned company with the aim of helping businesses grow in the Kingdom. The company’s fintech corporate payment solution for mobile payments is called KESS Innovation Pay.

Other features include a delivery service, payment of water/electricity bills, and an online chat feature.

The platform’s partners include:

The KESS e-commerce payment system and mobile application will be launched in September 2020.

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