An Adhocracy Culture at King’s Road Angkor


King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ban Vibol, initiated a policy of corporate culture that promotes individual initiative, freedom and dignity.

What is Adhocracy Culture? This is a dynamic and creative working environment. Employees take risks.

Leaders are seen as innovators and risk takers. Experiments and innovation are the bonding materials within the organization. Prominence is emphasized.

At King’s Road Angkor, this corporate culture has been so successful that the management and staff found harmony and dignity, which translated into more creative and innovative ideas. This resulted in the fact that every line manager and staff put their hearts into their respective projects and tasks throughout all departments, via their individual and group initiatives.

‘’I have initiated this culture for the staff, from senior to junior management, to take a prominent role in the company. This created a harmonious work place that resulted in more innovation and creative ideas’’ commented Mr. Ban Vibol, King’s Road Angkor Chief Executive Officer.

The graphic and design department, headed by Mr. Bun Sileng as the graphic manager and Mr. Vong Sarith, the macro media manager, has created exceptional artworks, logos and videos that have shown the innovation of King’s Road Angkor as a property development and management company.

With the initiative of the Commercial Department, spearheaded by Mr. Lim Pak, the Commercial Admin Manager and Ms. Meas Sreyneang, the Property Consultant, and with the guidance of Mr. Jomari Cruz, King’s Road Angkor General Manager / CCO, more innovative products, and services were created. This resulted in the fact that 95% of the available properties were leased out, which is a proof of outstanding relationships between tenants and management. Mr. Vibol commented: ‘’Even our meeting room is always bustling with activities: interactions between managers & staff, brain storming new projects, sharing creative and innovative ideas that will drive the company to greater heights guided by the General Managers.’’

In relation to Human Resources, headed by Mrs. Pheak Tevy, King’s Road Angkor Secretary General, which is the backbone of the company, they have implemented policies based on this culture, which resulted in harmony and dignity among all staff.

‘’According to the research, a company which has a healthy workplace culture, is ideal when it comes to maintaining a positive outcome in a stressful atmosphere.

The most important thing influencing employee’s motivation and happiness, and how productive and efficient they can be, comes down to their working environment’’, said Mr. Vibol.

Furthermore, to increase productivity and create a balance between work and the staff’s family, King’s Road Angkor will be the first company in Cambodia that will have a 7 hours working day only. This will create a positive impact on the staff.

An organizational culture with harmony and dignity is very important for every company. King’s Road Angkor has shown an example that resulted to its rapid success as a property development and Management Company, thanks to the policies initiated by Mr. Ban Vibol.