Angkor Gold To Assist In Promoting Gender Equality


Angkor Gold Corp, a Canadian mineral exploration company with operations in Cambodia, announced its participation in a three-year project with the Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC) to assist Canadian organisations address the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.

Maryam Monsef. Reuters

Angkor Gold made the announcement during International Women’s Day last week following a meeting in Ottawa with Maryam Monsef, the Canadian Minister of Status of Women. Representatives from GNCN and advisory partners were also present at the meeting.

“In both Canada and its operations in Cambodia, working from different ends of the development spectrum, Angkor Gold will be part of developing testing and implementing a model blueprint for promoting gender equality in ethical business development,” the company statement, released on Friday, said.

Angkor Gold’s management sees this as an opportunity to take best practices from across Canada and implement them in Cambodia.

Delayne Weeks, Angkor Gold’s vice president of social development, said, “We have a great opportunity to learn and grow when we share the weaknesses and strengths of various private-sector companies and commit to improving ourselves and our companies. Gender equality is challenging in the most developed nations.

“Undertaking this in Cambodia in a new industry sector such as mining makes it even more challenging, but nonetheless a worthy exercise. This is part of making our countries better, and appreciating that we have the choice to do so in Canada.”

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.