Arbitration Body Considers Third Case


160817 b2b - news - Arbitration Body Considers Third Case

The National Commercial Arbitration Centre (NCAC) received its latest case last week, marking only the third time that a commercial dispute has been brought before the young dispute resolution body.

The new case is between a local construction company and the owner of a construction development project, said Ros Monin, the president of the NCAC.

He added that no additional details could be disclosed due to the ongoing nature of the legal proceedings.

“The contract being reviewed was signed in 2015 and makes clear that any dispute would be brought to the NCAC for resolution,” he said.

“We will confirm whether the case fits our criteria to be reviewed during this week so they can start to choose their arbitrators.”

The NCAC became operational in 2014 but did not receive its first case until May 2015 due to lack of adequate resources.

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