Cambodia 2022 Economic Census Starts March 1st


Today is the first day of the Cambodia 2022 Economic Census, with the Ministry of Planning set to conduct the once-in-a-decade survey to gather accurate data on economic entities in Cambodia.

More than 745,000 ‘economic entities’ were listed in official Cambodian registries in 2021 reports the Phnom Penh Post, and the census will hope to compile statistics on these enterprises in the Kingdom. The government conducted its first enterprise census in 2011.

The secretary of state Rin Virak said the data would be collected on businesses engaged in production and service activities, in fields such as:

  • minerals
  • manufacturing
  • electricity and gas
  • clean water
  • sanitation
  • others as determined by UN international standards.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has asked all owners of companies, factories and various enterprises to participate in the 2022 economic census.

“The census is an important indicator for monitoring the implementation of the government’s socio-economic development policy program, the fourth phase of the Rectangular Strategy and other policies. It will reflect the impact caused by the spread of Covid-19 to the economic entity, which is also part of the Cambodian economic stimulus,” the Prime Minister said in a statement.

The census will run for the month of March and end on 31st March 2022 with the results not expected until 2023.


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