Cambodia And Thailand To Increase Cross-Border Vehicle Quota

The border at Poipet, a key crossing point between Cambodia and Thailand, will see an increase in cross-border traffic under the new vehicle quota agreement.

The daily limit of licensed vehicles permitted to cross the border between Cambodia and Thailand is to significantly increase from the current 40 each per day, with the two countries signing a memorandum of understanding tomorrow.

Ministry of Public Works and Transport spokesman Nou Vatanak said that more traffic would help “enlarge the business potential” of Cambodia and Thailand. “The flow in and out of goods such as agricultural products, manufacturing products and the number of tourists will increase, which will benefit people of both countries,” he said.

Vatanak did not disclose the exact number of vehicles under the new quota, but the Bangkok Post reported on Tuesday that it would be 150, with Cambodia looking to increase tourist buses and Thailand focusing on more cargo trucks. A bilateral agreement between Cambodia and Vietnam currently allows for up to 500 vehicles per day.

Thai media announced yesterday the approval of a highway project to link the Thai province of Sa Kaeo with Cambodia’s Stung Bot border checkpoint, which will include a cross-border bridge over the Phrom Hot river.

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