Cambodia Real Estate Show Grants Confidence From Market Knowledge



Cambodia’s real estate sector is attracting the attention of investors from around the region and further afield. The property market has grown phenomenally in last five years, and the Kingdom’s major cities are demonstrating some of the highest urban expansion and population growth rates in the region.

Despite remaining an “emerging market”, Cambodia is demonstrating lower risk than this label usually suggests, with strong fundamentals for property investors and regionally high yields, which has already attracted a multitude of international development companies from around the world to launch projects.

The fundamentals of why to invest in Cambodian property?

  • US dollar investment economy: invest in the world’s most resilient currency as Cambodia has long been a dollarised economy and will continue to be
  • Virgin investment territory: enormous growth potential and very positive appreciation trends in recent years
  • Strong, sustained growth in GDP: 5% average for the last 5 years, year on year – currently 21st in worldwide in growth, and first in the region
  • Secure assets: freehold foreign ownership laws that have been successfully supporting investor’s since 2010
  • Strategic location: Cambodia is sandwiched between the two strong economies of Thailand and Vietnam, is midway between the world’s largest and fastest growing economies of China and India, and is sitting between Australasia and Asia, with trade agreements connecting it to both
  • Political stability: the country has had the same Prime Minister for more than a quarter of a century, the longest serving non-royal leader in Southeast Asia
  • Trade integration and regional logistics chain: Cambodia joined ASEAN for increased access to regional markets, its LDC status gives tariff-free access to highly developed markets in Europe and the Americas, and it is firmly part of China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy
  • Improved logistics: a deep seaport, railways, roads and flight connections around the nation, with transport links to Asia growing yearly
  • A retirees’ mecca: due to its unique, low-cost quality of life
  • A cash economy: money flows in and out of Cambodia are simple and cost-effective for international investors

Developments of all varieties are rising fast across the Kingdom, giving buyers a wide range of options to choose from with investment properties suited to all budgets and needs. However, purchasing the right property is an important decision that requires diligence and a full survey of the strength of that financial investment, which can be difficult for those investors residing outside the country.

For this reason,, Cambodia’s most visited real estate portal, is hosting the most comprehensive real estate show in the nation’s history. The Cambodia Real Estate Show will take place on the May 5-6 at NagaWorld hotel & entertainment complex.

The event will be a one-stop exhibition, where buyers can simultaneous survey the country’s hottest property offerings and learn the necessities of an informed and secure investment decision in Cambodia.

Visitors to the May show will enjoy more than 30 local and international developer exhibitors showcasing their developments. The Creed Group, HLH Group/Camhomes and Graticity Real Estate Development (GRED), among others, have already booked their booth spaces. Additionally, relevant third parties such as insurance companies, banks, tax consultants and law firms will also be at hand to consult and advise potential investors.

Seminars and speeches by local consultants will be running throughout the two days to promote understanding of the legal climate in Cambodia and the best ways for investors to manage their property assets in the country. Seminars will also have the objective of promoting knowledge and establish confidence in purchasing a property in the Kingdom.’s unique partnerships with marketing channels such as the PropertyGuru Group (Asia’s largest and most visited real estate portal group) and (China’s number one website for Chinese buyers looking to purchase property abroad) will attract serious international buyers for the two-day show. Local marketing will also be comprehensive, targeting both the expatriate population and high-net-worth local property investors. The show is strategically being held at NagaWorld hotel, the first choice for accommodation in Phnom Penh for Asian investors, dignitaries and business people.

Mark the Cambodia Real Estate Show (May 5-6) down in your calendar now and get ready for the biggest property show in the Kingdom’s history.

Official Media Partners of the event: Business Cambodia, Bizkhmer, Khmernavi, B2B Cambodia, Amcham, Britcham, Cambodia Constructors Association, PropertyGuru, PropertyGuru International, Juwai, Khmer Times and La Reine.


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