Cambodian Airports Up Passenger Volume By 25%


Cambodia Airports has hit another milestone this year as eight million passengers have accessed the Kingdom’s three international airports.

Eric Delobel, CEO of Cambodia Airports KT/Sok Chan

“Today, we [Cambodia Airports] have hit the new mark at 8million passengers across the three international airports and it is a great day for everybody,” said Eric Delobel, CEO of Cambodia Airports.

Mr Delobel said that the passenger volume at the airports in Cambodia was 7million last year, but this year it has increased by 25 percent totalling 8million passengers. He attributes this to the attractiveness of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

“Today’s success of 8million passengers is neither just the success of Cambodia Airports, nor of the outstanding work of its employees, nor of the authorities in Cambodia Airports and airline companies, but the success of Cambodia. It shows that Cambodia is an attractive place for all passengers,” Mr Delobel said.

He said that Phnom Penh International Airport processed 4 million passengers, and the remainder passed through the Siem Reap Int’l Airport and the Sihanoukville Int’l Airport. “It is the real success we are looking for.”

Passengers come from all over the world, either for touristic or business purposes. A remarkable increase of Cambodian passengers bound for foreign countries has also been noted.

“Thanks to the facilitations we now have within the three international airports, we are able to welcome more and more visitors from other countries,” Mr Delobel said.  They come from China, the US, the EU, Malaysia, and Vietnam – just to name a few.

There are around 100 flights a day to Cambodia, with 12 Chinese airlines operating 155 direct flights each week – 70 to Phnom Penh, 82 to Siem Reap and three to Sihanoukville.

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.


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