Cambodia’s Biggest Rooftop Solar System Installed At Coca-Cola Factory

With the aim of showing their social responsibility and commitment to the environment, Coca-Cola Cambodia made the noble choice of using solar as a source for a portion of its electricity needs at its new factory in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ).
In June 2016, local engineering solutions company Comin Khmere started the installation of what will be the biggest rooftop grid-tied photovoltaic solar power system in the country. The 2.6MWp project was developed and funded by Cleantech Solar, a Singapore-based regional developer of rooftop photovoltaic systems.
This project was another step in the long-term partnership between Comin Khmere and Cleantech Solar, after the companies completed a 126kWp system for the PPSEZ itself. Both companies are continuing to work together on developing more solar projects in Cambodia.
Comin-Khmere-Coca-Cola-1 Comin-Khmere-Coca-Cola-2 Comin-Khmere-Coca-Cola-3


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