Cambodia’s Wait Nearly Over For Underwater Internet Cable

Three internet landing stations in Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand have been built, with preparations underway for cable to be laid on the seafloor.

Cambodia’s first underwater internet cable is nearing completion and is expected to be operational by early next year, local internet provider Ezecom announced yesterday during a press conference.

The 1,300km fibre optic cable project – which will link Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand to the 20,000km Asia-America Gateway – is being carried out by Ezecom subsidiary Telcotech, Symphony Communication of Thailand and Telekom Malaysia, and is being built at a cost of $70 million by Chinese submarine network provider Huawei Marine Networks.

Ezecom CEO Yves Schaeffer revealed that landing stations had already been built in Sihanoukville, Rayong in Thailand and Cherating in Malaysia, with preparations underway to lay cable on the seafloor.

While the new capacity offered by the cable could be up to 30 times greater than current levels, Ezecom notes that the internet speed will depend on the infrastructure of the service providers that they sell their capacity to.

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