Car Sales Revving Up In The Kingdom

Car traders in Cambodia have enjoyed a recent spike in sales, but are still heavily affected by the grey import market.

The sales of cars in Cambodia – both old and new – experienced a remarkable increase last year, with no signs of taking the foot off the gas in 2017, according to car traders.  

Strong economic growth, a better understanding of the advantages of owning a new car, easy access to finance, and improved promotion and customer service, were reasons cited for the rise in sales of new cars.

RMA (Cambodia), which imports and sells automotive brands such as Ford and Jaguar Land Rover, recorded around a 40 percent increase in sales during 2016 compared to the previous year. Seng Voeung, general manager of the Ford Division at RMA (Cambodia), noted that about 20 percent of their sales last year were based on loans.

One major factor affecting new car sales, however, was the proliferation of sales of used cars via the grey import market which, according to industry insiders, accounts for 90 percent of sales made in the Kingdom. These cars are sold at a much lower price but have dubious origins (some may have been stolen) and come with no assurance of quality or safety.

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