Chinese Chamber of Commerce Opens Office in Phnom Penh


The Chinese Chamber of Commerce has opened an office in the new Flatiron building in the capital of Phnom Penh. 

Chinese Chamber of Commerce Cambodia Phnom Penh Office
Photo Credit: Flatiron Meridian

The office fully opened on March 23, 2022, with China’s Ambassador to Cambodia, Wang Wen Tian and the Counsellor for Economy and Commerce in the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, Wu Guo Quan present.

The new office is located on the 16th floor of Flatiron by Meridian and Meridian International Holding said that the “Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia is a self-funded, non-profit organisation established voluntarily by Chinese-funded companies and institutions engaged in legal economic and trade activities in Cambodia.

It was established under the guidance of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia and approved by the relevant departments of the Royal Cambodian Government.”

Ambassador Wang said the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia is the home of Chinese-funded enterprises in Cambodia.

A China Chamber of Commerce is also reported to have opened in Sihanoukville in 2019 inside the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ).

According to Cambodia’s Commerce Minister, the trade volume between Cambodia and China reached nearly $11.2 billion in 2021.


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