Deadline To Register Companies Online Extended, Again



The Ministry of Commerce has extended the deadline for companies to register online yet another time, after registering another poor response to its automated online business-registration system.

The new deadline to register businesses online has been set for September 30. Om Dararith, director of the ministry’s commercial registration department, said the ministry will redouble its efforts to inform businesses of their obligation to register with the new system. He also said that this time around the ministry will take a tougher stance on those that ignore the directive.

“After this extension, if companies still fail to fulfil their obligations they will be punished,” he said.

According to Dararith, companies that fail to register by the aforementioned date will have their names forwarded to the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the tax department for further action. Dararith did not specify what those actions might entail.

Only 10,248 companies—about 20 percent of the total due—had registered online by the previous deadine, June 30.

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