Equifax To Help Improve Credit Reporting In Cambodia

CBC’s Pascal Ly believes his agency could greatly benefit from a collaboration with Equifax

The Credit Bureau of Cambodia (CBC) is looking to leverage the resources and experience of US-based Equifax—one of the three biggest American credit report agencies—to expand its credit analysis capabilities and introduce new products, Pascal Ly, CBC’s CEO said yesterday.

Ly said representatives of Equifax visited the CBC earlier this month to understand the Cambodian market and assess the agency’s capabilities.

The visiting Equifax team focused on three key areas where they could offer their experience, namely increasing data collection for financial institutions, ensuring secure transactions via phone or internet, and automating processes.

“In theory we are able to tap into the over-100 years of experience of Equifax, its manpower across the globe in terms of product development and getting insights of what we could bring into our market with the over 200 products available from Equifax,” Ly said.

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