Everjobs Report Finds Top Skills For Accounting & Finance Positions

Everjobs Cambodia scanned hundreds of skill requirements commonly included in Accounting and Finance job descriptions to prepare a ranking of top core skills, tools and soft skills that candidates need to master.

A recent report from online career platform everjobs Cambodia has revealed the skills that are most demanded from employers in the Accounting & Finance sector, which was their website’s top trending category among job seekers in the Kingdom during the past two years as well as the one with the highest number of vacancies.

The data, gathered by analysing more than 9,000 job descriptions published on the everjobs website since the beginning of its operations, found that the top “core skills” that recruiters looked for was cost control, immediately followed by budget management and inventory management.

“It comes with no surprise that being able to maintain the costs within approved budgets and maintaining an updated track of the company’s inventory are the most required skills for candidates applying to Accounting and Finance positions,” read the everjobs report.

Meanwhile, employers in Cambodia agreed that the “tools” accounting and finance job seekers have to master were auditing, data entry software, payroll solutions and reporting systems.

Finally, the essential “soft skills” – the personal attributes of an ideal candidate – that everjobs were able to identify included responsibility, efficiency, reliability, honesty and analytical skills.

In 2016, everjobs processed more than 22,000 applications for a total number of 6,000 job opportunities in Accounting and Finance, clearly a highly competitive category for job seekers. “We hope that being aware of the latest trends and the most in demand skills in the industry will give job seekers the opportunity to build their competitive edge as well as apply for right vacancies,” said Marie Balandreau, business development manager at everjobs Cambodia.


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