F&B Expo To Showcase More Foreign Goods


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CAMFOOD, Cambodia’s biggest international food & drinks exhibition, will be back in its 5th iteration at Diamond Island Exhibition Centre, on October 20-22. According to insiders, the 3-day event will mostly feature foreign companies, with enterprises from China, India, Italy, Korea, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore having booked many of the booths.

The event, organised jointly by the Cambodian Tourism Federation and AMB Tarsus Exhibitions — and with the backing of other key hospitality and tourism organisations such as the Cambodia Restaurant Association — will exhibit 300 booths, 60 percent of which will be taken by foreign companies.

“In terms of new things you can see this year, first is that there are more countries represented and bigger arrangement of supplies,” said Andrew Siow, director of AMB Tarsus. Siow also said that many American, Chinese and Italian companies will join the expo for the first time this year.

Commenting on the high number of foreign companies expected at the event, Luu Meng, co-chair of the private sector working group on tourism, said that “local companies come and learn from them. They cannot get this experience in any class or any school. Cambodians have very good products but they need to learn branding and marketing.”


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