First Tax Service Agent Licences Granted By Government

The Ministry of Finance and Economy’s General Department of Taxation, located on the corner of Confederation de la Russie Blvd and Mao Tse Toung Blvd.

The Cambodian government made another significant step towards the professionalisation of its tax industry yesterday by issuing 43 tax service agent licenses to individuals and firms which primarily conduct tax audits and accounting procedures.

It is the first time that such certificates have been granted by the General Department of Taxation (GDT) of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, with agents previously being allowed to operate without them. A 2017 government mandate states that taxation services must have a licence to operate from the start of next year.

According to GDT director Kong Vibol, tax service certification requires an individual to complete a short training course overseen by GDT experts and pass an exam.

Vibol also revealed the GDT will launch a mobile app for iOS and Android devices early next year called the Invoice App System, which will allow registered companies to upload images of invoices and receipts directly to the department’s database.

“The GDT then classifies the companies by a code number and monitors their income and expenses, based on input from the public,” added Vibol.

Prizes such as cars, flat-screen TVs and smartphones are to be offered as incentives for using the app.

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