HK Firm Considers Local Soursops


A Hong Kong-based firm is eyeing imports of Cambodian soursop to produce juice, according to the Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture, or CEDAC.

Yang Saing Koma, founder of CEDAC, holds a soursop from Thmor Bang, Koh Kong province. CEDAC

The company is now testing the fruit in their laboratories in Hong Kong after CEDAC agreed to send them samples.

CEDAD’s samples come from Koh Kong province’s Thmor Bang district, a region in which farmers also grow durian, banana and mangosteen.

“If the test results are positive and the firm decides to invest, it will be great for the sector and for soursop farmers,” said Vong Savoeun, officer at CEDAC. “At the moment, we are still waiting for a reply.”

The soil in Thmor Bang district is particularly well adapted for growing soursop, said Mr Savoeun, adding that other provinces, like Mondulkiri, also present suitable soil conditions.

The director of Koh Kong’s Department of Agriculture, Oeng Menglea, told Khmer Times that the announcement is great news for the province’s agriculture sector, and urged more international investors to consider Koh Kong.

“We happily welcome and support any investment that is backed by a clear plan with specific goals,” Mr Menglea said. “We encourage investors and farmers to engage in contract farming schemes to help make the sector more sustainable.”

According to Mr Menglea, soil conditions in Thmor Bang district are ideal for planting soursop.

Cambodia has never exported soursop, with the exception of soursop dry leaves, according to figures from the Ministry of Agriculture.

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.

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