ICT Federation Now Chaired By Industry Insiders



The Kingdom’s ICT Federation, whose mission is to grow Cambodia’s digital economy, has been overhauled and is now fully chaired by industry insiders.

It marks the first time the federation has had a board of directors composed entirely of people from the ICT industry, free of political ties, and appointed through a democratic process.

“In the past, the ICT Federation didn’t have criteria or qualifications for someone to be part of the board of directors,” said Steven Path, CEO of Pathmazing software company and president of the ICT Federation . “But going forward the federation is amending the bylaws so that in order to be a member of the board of directors, you must own or run an ICT business and either be a leader or influential in your field.”

The new board members represent software development companies, telecommunications firms and internet service providers.

Currently, the ICT sector in Cambodia has an estimated worth of $800 million.

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