Superstar Lee Min Ho Becomes Anchor Beer Ambassador

anchor beer ambassador lee min ho
As brand ambassador for Anchor Beer, Lee Min Ho has more opportunities to visit Cambodia, meet his fans, and experience the atmosphere and Khmer food.

Anchor Beer held a high-profile press conference at D22 in Phnom Penh Tower to announce famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho has signed an exclusive agreement as Anchor’s official brand ambassador.

Roland Bala, managing director of Cambodia Brewery Limited (CBL), gave a speech outlining the reasons behind the deal. “This is a collaboration between two major powerhouses. Anchor Beer is an international brand recognised as the most famous beer in Cambodia while Lee Min Ho is a hugely popular international movie and television actor with a massive Cambodian fan base,” he said.

“We believe that Lee Min Ho matches Anchor’s brand values and reputation as a ‘Catalyst for Fun’ perfectly. He is a true superstar who truly complements Anchor’s incredible success story in Cambodia. Our partnership will elevate Anchor Beer to the next level of success.”

Bala also explained that Anchor fans can expect a spectacular, all-round series of campaigns featuring Lee Min Ho which will span television, newspapers, magazines, digital plus many innovative activities. “The Lee Min Ho Brand Ambassador campaign will be very much in line with Anchor Beer’s role as a catalyst for fun and we’re focused on engaging Cambodian fans in a variety of ways,” he added.

A special video presentation from Korea was then broadcast at the press conference showing Lee Min Ho signing his brand ambassador contract for Anchor Beer with CBL marketing director Sandrine De Cara. This was followed by another exclusive video featuring Lee Min Ho’s first interview as brand ambassador for Anchor Beer with the superstar saying how he was honoured to be working with Anchor Beer as it is a way for him to reach out to his fans in Cambodia.

Lee Min Ho (right) signs his brand ambassador contract for Anchor Beer with Cambodia Brewery Limited marketing director Sandrine De Cara.

As brand ambassador for Anchor Beer he has more opportunities to visit Cambodia and wants to meet all his fans and experience the atmosphere and Khmer food. Importantly, Lee Min Ho recognises that Angkor Wat is such an amazing part of Cambodia’s cultural heritage and strongly wishes to visit the temples to show his respect.

In a special message to his Cambodian fans he said he will always thank them for their support and hopes they enjoy his new role with Anchor Beer which has motivated him to visit Cambodia in the future so he can meet and thank his many fans.

Anchor Beer was first brewed in 1933 in Singapore according to very high quality standard of European Pilsner Beer which has made it very popular in many countries around the world and especially in Cambodia. The refreshingly smooth taste of Anchor, coupled with its fun and youthful personality, strongly connects with the new generation of Cambodians who recognise it as the most famous beer in the country.

The press conference was concluded with a commitment that Anchor will continue to engage Cambodian consumers actively and build upon the momentum with Lee Min Ho as Brand Ambassador. They are also planning refreshingly fun activities and innovations which they promised will create unforgettable experiences for all Anchor fans across Cambodia in the near future.

For more information, news and updates, visit the official Anchor Facebook page. Enjoy Anchor Beer responsibly.


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