Meal Temple merges with Kiwi Pay Group


Cambodian Meal Temple Group have announced a strategic merger with Hong Kong-based fintech firm Kiwi Pay Group.

The aim of the merger is to enter more frontier markets with a new super app called KiwiGO.

KiwiGO is based in Singapore and is able to “aggregate curated content, e-commerce, logistics, and financial services” reports Deal Street Asia.

“KiwiPay and Meal Temple had very similar DNA, combined, we play with better control of the value chain, new roads to market, and optimised defensibilities,” said Meal Temple Group CEO Maxime Rosburger.

The Meal Temple app in Cambodia has already changed over to KiwiGo on user’s phones and it offers:

  • Courier Services
  • Grocery deliveries
  • Drinks Deliveries
  • Food
  • Access to online Marts, Pharmacies, Shops & Beauty stores

The app also offers digital money transfers and rewards for its users. KiwiGO has agreements and licences with central banks and financial institutions in more than 20 countries in Africa and Asia they say on their website. They also mention that Meal Temple acquired them in 2020.

In our research on writing this article, the Meal Temple website still had no reference or branding linked to KiwiGO.

The KiwiGo website did state “Created on the principle of solving everyday challenges with technology, the KiwiGo app has been created from offering just a food delivery service (formerly Meal Temple) to a suite of more than 10 services today. As we continue to grow as a leading tech company serving everyday solutions for millions of users across Southeast Asia, our passion for problem-solving grows.”

Meal Temple Cambodia is an online and app food delivery service in Cambodia that started in 2013. In 2019, Meal Temple Group acquired Laos-based MyDelivery, a unit of fintech firm Kiwi Group.


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