MekongNet & IPification Launch One-Click Mobile Authentication in Cambodia


MekongNet, a Cambodian Internet Service Provider (ISP) and A2P messaging aggregator, has joined teamed up with IPification, a one-click mobile identity solutions provider, to deliver the next-generation seamless Mobile Data Authentication services in Cambodia.

IPification’s collaboration with MekongNet will hope to drive the deployment and adoption rate of this service by enterprises in Cambodia.

MekongNet & IPification Launch One-Click Mobile Authentication
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IPification is currently the only global provider of mobile IP address-based authentication and identity solutions. The end-users can verify their identity with a single tap based on their mobile ID key which consists of their IP address, phone number, and device data. In addition to security, companies also get to streamline the onboarding and user experience for their users.

IPification had partnered with MekongNet earlier in 2021 and MekongNet has since further developed API/SDK enhancements around IPification’s solution including account management, deployment and operations support features, service monitoring and reporting to enhance the offering of the Mobile Data Authentication service to the enterprises.

More importantly, MekongNet is able to offer both new and existing clients the flexibility to use both SMS & Mobile Data Authentication service under a single billing and account without any hassle. Various implementation scenarios and hybrid models can also be provided by MekongNet to ensure each client can use the service effectively for their specific processes.

“MekongNet’s SMS services has always been the leader in security, protecting both our clients using our services and their customers receiving the SMS content. IPification’s platform allows us to further enhance our focus on security by providing the newest innovation in phone number verification,” added Albert Lee, head of MekongNet’s Value Added Services.

“MekongNet has a huge presence in Cambodia, and I am very happy that together we can enable top-notch security in the enterprise landscape in the country,” said Stefan Kostic, IPification CEO. “Apart from security, I am looking forward to seeing the effects frictionless mobile authentication and phone verification will have on productivity within these companies.”

MekongNet is offering the full suite of IPification mobile identity solutions, under its Mobile Data Authentication service, including fraud prevention solutions such as SIM swap detection and device change detection, as well as faster user acquisition and QR code login processes.

With its decade of API provisioning experience with local companies, MekongNet is able to advise on the best practices, enhance with customized implementation, and provide optimal technical support.

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