Metered Tuk-Tuks Challenging Traditional Business Model


160816 b2b - news - Metered Tuk-Tuks Challenging Traditional Business Model

EZ Go—the first company in Phnom Penh to offer metered tuk-tuks—is challenging the capital’s traditional business model for cheap transportation, where fare prices are usually settled by negotiations and customers are often left feeling they were overcharged.

The company, which was launched in March, boasts a fleet of three-wheeled tuk-tuks—as opposed the usual moto-remorque found everywhere in the city.

Meters in the vehicles determine the cost of a ride according to standardised distance-base rates, avoiding the need to negotiate fares and preventing drivers from overcharging customers.

“I think the price of our rides is very low for customers, and it is a standardised price so we can’t cheat our customers,” EZ Go owner Top Nimol said. “We also don’t charge any additional fees for traffic jams because our fares are based on distance and not time.”

Fares are set at 3,000 riel for the first kilometre and then 360 riel for every additional 300 metres, making the company’s prices some of the most attractive in the capital.

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