Ministry Inspections Aim To Cut Out Dishonest Cambodian Jewellers

The middle of Phnom Penh’s Central Market is full of jewellery sellers, which are to come under closer inspection from the Ministry of Commerce.

Gemstone and jewellery sellers in Cambodia will have their activities more actively regulated by the Ministry of Commerce in a move to strengthen transparency in the industry and eliminate those who sell fake or overpriced products, according to a statement from the Ministry yesterday.

Officers from Camcontrol, the Ministry’s department concerned with import-export inspection and fraud repression, are to inspect jewellery retailers suspected of selling fake or mislabelled products to Cambodians and tourists. “While there are only a few cases of businesses cheating customers that we are aware of, we need to be more cautious because it can affect the industry as a whole,” said Ministry spokesman Soeng Sophary.

According to the announcement, gemstone and jewellery retailers are required to sell products exactly as they are advertised, and must clearly display the prices and quality of the product, allowing customers to compare between what is real, fake or overpriced.

Laor Penh Chet Jewellery Shop owner Khoul Vun said that while he was willing to put price tags on his products, commodities such as gold are highly volatile, causing the cost of jewellery to rise and fall daily. “The regulation from the ministry is good, but I just worry that it might not work like they think it will,” he said.

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