Mojob Cambodia launches on-demand handyman mobile app


Mojob is the first on-demand marketplace for hiring a handyman in Cambodia, and they have now launched their mobile app in the Kingdom.

Prior to the launch of Mojob in September 2019 in the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh, there was no service that linked businesses and residents with a handyman or DIY; services (electrical, plumbing, gardening, moving, etc.) which local business often required.

What is Mojob?

The person behind Mojob is Elom Agbavitor, its Co-founder & CEO, who is from France but has extensive business experience in Cambodia.

“I spent 6 weeks trying to find an electrician to do some work without successfully rectifying the issue. I realised there was a market for bringing together frustrated customers and eager professionals”.

He also sees the business as having a social enterprise element and is working on a women empowerment project with the Co-founder & COO, Camille Van Tornhout.

“Not only does it help Cambodians find more work, but many of the locals they find jobs for are women, thus helping combat the gender disparity still rife in Cambodia”.

“We started small with a Facebook page to receive inquiries for clients. During this time we have been working on process design to understand what would be the best way to digitise such demand” added Elom Agbavitor.

Mojob Handyman app Cambodia
A range of handyman and DIY services can be book via the Mojob app in Cambodia.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the business kept growing exponentially by 3 digits every quarter says Mojob. “The quality of support combined with carefully selected suppliers of service that we provided ensured that we could guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction,” says Camille Van Tornhout, Chief Operating Officer.

The company claims the Mojob app not only provides valuable time and money-saving service to customers but also a platform that increases employment opportunities for local tradespeople.

The other advantage of the app is that you can read reviews left by previous customers. And as the amount of users continues to grow, the tradespeople themselves learn to adapt to international standards, thus providing benefits to all parties concerned. The jobbers realise the importance of reviews and feedback and this can help them improve their services in terms of pricing, timing, professionalism, and more.

What does Mojob offer?

There are more than 13 services currently provided on the Mojob app, including:

  • electricity
  • plumbing
  • renovation
  • gardening
  • cleaning
  • tutoring

Mojob hopes the application will soon be available in 3 languages (English, Khmer, Chinese) with plans to expand nationally to Siem Reap and Sihanoukville by the end of 2020.

Mojob has also seen strong demand from the F&B and the real estate industries. The team is now in talks with angel investors to scale up the business and keep perfecting their recipe for growth.

The tech startup scene in Cambodia is also booming, with more and more international investors backing local startups as well as major events attracting the eyes of regional VCs (venture capital) and business angels.

Mojob removals app Cambodia
Mojob offers, painting, renovations, AC maintenance and removals on its app in Cambodia


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