New Generation Of Cambodian Shoppers Looking Past Brands

Large Westernised shopping malls, like Aeon Mall (pictured) in Phnom Penh, attract many locals with international brands on sale in their stores.

Cambodian millennials are not particularly loyal to brands, and actively seek out new shops and products that off a personalised experience, a study conducted by global market research firm Kantar TNS has found.

The 2017 Consumer Trends Millennial report, which followed consumer habits of those born between the mid 1980s and 2000, says locals decide on purchases in “full exploration or experimentation mode”, largely propelled by access to Facebook and YouTube.

Eight predominant trends among millennials, compared to the previous more careful and less confident generation, were categorised as value hunters, explorers, me consumers, digital social-“ists”, food is fashion, self-elevation, entrepreneurs and change makers.

“What we have observed is that while there is low brand loyalty when it comes to traditional consumer products or restaurants, Cambodians are seeking out products that provide experiences and that create a personal identity that they believe defines themselves,” said Kantar TNS Cambodia qualitative research manager Chem Srey Oeun, adding that brands that “feels authentic” and “unique” and are seen as having a positive social impact are the ones now favoured.

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