New IP Body Seeks Cooperation With Government


160822 b2b - news - New IP Body Seeks Cooperation With Government

The Intellectual Property Association of Cambodia (IPAC) officially launched last week with 58 intellectual property agents and lawyers among its ranks. The aim of the organisation is to help the private sector better understand intellectual property (IP) issues.

The newly-formed organisation is now seeking closer cooperation with 13 state ministries, IPAC Director Pich Ang said yesterday.

“This is a project to promote the IP sector in order to encourage economic growth in Cambodia,” he said.

“Other countries have IP associations that work for their private sector and Cambodia needs one as well. We will help to develop IP by providing information and suggestions on articles in the law that are not being properly enforced.”

This cooperation will involve IP seminars, as well as training for students and enterprises to help them understand the benefits of IP and how to register patents, trademarks and copyrights.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, over 47,000 trademarks have been registered in Cambodia and are active, while another 6,200 have been filed and 2,200 are currently being reviewed.

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