Online Job Platform Everjobs Marks Two Years In Cambodia

Everjobs Cambodia business development manager Marie Balandreau (back left) speaks during a press conference held last week.

The Kingdom’s fastest growing online career portal,, celebrates two years of operations in Cambodia this month. With an average of 7,500 visits per day, a database of 46,000 CVs, and close to 1 million followers on social media, everjobs has become a key player in Cambodia’s job market and has cemented the position of online job portals as an indispensable solution to find talent and jobs in the country.

The success of everjobs in Cambodia showcases the dynamism of the labour market here, which welcomed 300,000 new young professionals in the country. It is also a reflection of the fast adoption of new technologies by its population, with more than 7 million people having access to internet and being more and more comfortable using new tools to simplify daily activities such as looking for new professional opportunities online.

“When we launched in Cambodia in 2015, we could see a lot of professionals still relying on offline sources or personal network to find a job or search for new employees for their organizations. At the same time, a lot of people were still reluctant to change those habits.” says Marie Balandreau, Business Development Manager at everjobs Cambodia.

“Nowadays, job seekers and employers are discovering the extra benefits of using online tools for the same purpose. It does not only allow them to access job opportunities and potential talent faster and from the comfort of their house, but online portals are also a career and recruitment guide, where users can find targeted recommendations and valuable information on how to succeed professionally.

“Following that trend, during the last year we have put all our efforts in providing useful information to our users and we have seen everjobs become a trusted source of career guidance, recruitment practices and market insights instead of being just a classifieds job platform.”

During its second year in Cambodia, everjobs has tripled the number of visits to its platform, not only maintaining but extending like that its position as one of the leading online career portals in the country. In 2016, everjobs has launched intuitive and personalised dashboards for employers, has improved matching algorithms and mobile user experience and has focused on expanding the access to information for its users through Career Fairs, CV Workshops, Speed Interview events and blog content both in English and Khmer.

With more than 800 companies trusting the platform as their recruitment partner in 2016, everjobs is a valid representation of the country’s labor market, being able to identify industry and job search trends in the Kingdom on a regular basis. The company has released quarterly in-depth reports featuring the latest discoveries of the recruitment industry since they started operations in 2015.

“There are still professionals in Cambodia that are not yet online and haven’t had the chance to discover the benefits of tools like everjobs,” added Balandreau. “Our goal for the years to come is to keep listening to our current customers to improve their experience online at the same time that we welcome new internet users to discover the endless possibilities of online recruitment and job search.”


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