Panasonic’s Nanoe™ X Technology Can Protect your Home 24/7


Homebuyers in Cambodia can make their homes safer with Panasonic, a leading manufacturer of electronic goods and appliances, which has developed a new technology that helps buyers in Cambodia protect their homes 24 hours – nanoe™ X technology.

The past two years have reshaped Phnom Penh’s property market in a lot of ways and as the Kingdom leads the region in managing its COVID-19 situation, many property buyers are looking to make their new homes secure from the virus.

Cambodia Panasonic’s Nanoe™ X Technology

What is nanoe™ X Technology?

Air quality has been a prime concern of many in today’s world that are coming to grips with pollution and the recent global pandemic. We often subscribe to the belief that indoor air is cleaner than the outside air, but that thought has been challenged several times.

With Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology, families have little to nothing to worry about. With hydroxyl radicals contained in Panasonic air conditioners with nanoe™ X technology, families have ensured constantly clean and safe indoor environments as it inhibits bacteria & viruses, mould, allergens, pollen and hazardous substances while deodorising for clean and fresh air and also moisturises skin and hair.

Additionally, Panasonic developed nanoe™ X technology mode to operate with low energy consumption and requires no maintenance – thanks to the titanium-made nanoe™ X device.

Protecting homes

While homes are certainly private in Cambodia, it still hosts its own issues that may pose a danger to families. For instance, pets are considered part of the family in Cambodian culture, but they also bring in allergens and even bacteria that may be dangerous to the family. Another issue is tobacco and cooking odours that may spoil the fresh indoor feeling of a new home over time.

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X penetrates deep into the fibres of carpets and furniture where babies and pets play and inhibits bacteria, viruses, mould, allergens, pollen and other hazardous substances.

Effects of Panasonic’s Nanoe™ X Technology

Keeping public spaces safe

Panasonic is a trusted brand among urban planners and designers. nanoe™ X technology is the latest proven technology selected by professionals that keep malls, hotels, gyms, and restaurants safe from the dangers of air pollutants by providing cleaner air to breathe freely

nanoe™ X technology installed in CS/CU-XU10XKH units prevents odours from clinging to walls and furnishings of shared spaces and is certified to be energy efficient with low maintenance cost and requirements. This ultimately allows businesses to allot much-needed resources to other areas and ensures customer satisfaction.

Ensuring quality air environment

COVID-19 has affected many workplaces and has become a bane in the plan to create hybrid workspaces for the new generation of the workforce. Business nowadays wants to reduce health risks for their coworkers and guests, minimize substances that drift whenever people come and go, and even go so far as to ensure every corner of the workplace is hygienic for children.

nanoe™ X technology supports business operations by providing workers, customers, patients, students and visitors with the peace of mind they deserve.

Panasonic’s Nanoe™ X Technology Safety

Inhibiting the COVID-19 virus

A test was conducted from September to November 2011 in collaboration with Texcell, a global organization specializing in viral research, in hopes of verifying that nanoe™ X technology can inhibit the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Tests were done in closed laboratory settings, different from living spaces.

Two test spaces present with the novel coronavirus were prepared: one with nanoe™ X technology (through unit CS/CU-XU10XKH) and one without. A piece of gauze with the novel coronavirus was exposed to the technology for a certain amount of time. In under 2 hours, over 99.99% of the novel coronavirus had been inhibited after exposure to nanoe™ X technology.

Among further investigation using a larger test space and more challenging test parameters, nanoe™ X technology’s inhibitory effect was verified to be at 91.4%

Bringing quality air indoors

Even homeowners and small business owners can now enjoy nanoe™ X technology in their own humble spaces. Ever since the technology’s development, Panasonic has started rolling out products with nanoe™ X to ensure that their customers are getting the best air quality from them.

Panasonic’s Nanoe™ X Technology Air Quality

Their nanoe™ X-integrated wall-mounted air conditioners are perfect for enjoying clean, cool air come in different sizes: premium, deluxe, and elite. They have also developed the air purifier (F-PXU70AWP) with the sole purpose of allowing its users to breathe cleaner air with the help of nanoe™ X for healthier indoor air quality. Refrigerators with the technology have also been developed, perfect for keeping food clean and hygienic.

If these products are not suitable options for certain indoor places, they also have portable nanoe™ X generators ready to use, may it be for personal comfort at home or to ensure the safety of your small business customers.

Catering to all spaces

Being a global brand, Panasonic caters to the various needs of its users wherever they are. Ever since the launch of nanoe™ X, Panasonic’s patrons have expressed satisfaction towards nanoe™ X technology present in their Panasonic products.

At a nursery school in Japan, viruses seemed to have become less prevalent among their students even during peak flu seasons. Temperature regulation has also been highlighted as an improved experience. The students can rest peacefully due to the efficient air circulation of Panasonic’s units, as well as the lack of noise emission from the hardware. The school’s indoor units have also contributed to keeping the air clean, preventing odours from troubling the children. Even pollen allergy symptoms on one of the teachers seem to have been alleviated by nanoe™ X technology, only manifesting once they have left the school building.

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