QHR Solutions HR Management to be a ‘game-changer’ in the Cambodian Market


QHR Solutions, a leading cloud-based HR Solution in Singapore, started operations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2020, and has rolled out a QHR COVID-19 Package targeting all businesses in the Kingdom with its Human Resource Management platform.

QHR Solutions (Cambodia) is owned and developed by Enable Business Pte Ltd and plans “to help companies overcome the current technological and talent management challenges that many are facing in today’s ever-changing business landscape”.

The solution’s software offers a cloud-based integrated end-to-end Human Resource Management (HRM) platform to provide a powerful yet cost-effective HR solution for a developing economy like Cambodia.

Their holistic HR Software is designed to support HR departments “to focus on less paper and more people.” QHR Solutions software offers:

  • An intuitive interface.
  • Capability enhancing modules.
  • Cost-efficient solutions which get the work done efficiently.

In a statement, the QHR Solutions (Cambodia) said:

“Like any other country, Cambodia’s economy albeit showing significant growth in the past years, has been impaired because of COVID-19. Most businesses, especially SMEs suffered the most and must struggle to find ways on how to weather out the current situation. Some employers have resorted to laying-off employees or reducing salaries through a certain percentage with unpaid leaves, while the hardest-hit businesses must close their operations completely. For those companies that can run their business via remote working approach, challenges are piling up against their favour since no one can foresee a global crisis of this magnitude.

The Cambodian Government’s strong support and initiative for the country’s digitization is an ignition button raising awareness and progressively establishing intuitive ecosystem, integrated, and designed to incentivize all stakeholders to engage in digital transformation. This is where QHR Solutions comes in to deliver its expertise, and once utilized by companies, the solutions shall partake a significant role in realizing and implementing all the above-mentioned digital transition. Hence, leaving an impact as a game-changer in the HR management industry in Cambodia.”

QHR Solutions offers an array of features suitable for all companies to automate and digitalize its human resource processes. These include many features that will be localized to help empower companies to manage their workforce more efficiently:

  • Intuitive employee database
  • Free mobile app
  • Payroll automation, with integrated leave and claims
  • Security access via facial recognition and GPS
  • Timesheets
  • Accounting software integration
  • Robust integrated Learning & Development module

QHR Solutions HR Management

QHR COVID-19 Package

With its dynamic team of experts in dealing with challenging scenarios, QHR Solutions have put together the QHR COVID-19 Package designed for businesses of all sizes in Cambodia to manage their operation with agility.

The Workforce Management system helps businesses track and manage their manpower with ease, with productivity tools such as e-leave, e-claims, facial recognition attendance tracking and smart announcements. The solution “will improve the business processes and prepare companies to be agile and adaptable for the future of work.”

Victor La, Country Director of QHR Solutions, highlighted that “QHR Solutions digital system is a cloud-based HR system with robust localized features and user-friendliness. What COVID-19 has shown us is that HR has come to the forefront of every organization. HR digitalization is no longer a nice to have, it’s imperative in every company to adopt integrated HR management to be ready to face any future challenges. Our goal is to bring the best practice HR methodologies from the top-ranked digitally-enabled economy in ASEAN to accelerate the growth potential in Cambodia.

Enabling technology to engage your people and empower Cambodia’s young workforce.  Our team is very excited and committed to working with the different sectors to deliver a robust localized HR management system.”

The Country Director concluded that “Cambodia is at a critical juncture of its developmental growth, the upcoming 5G network will have the foundation to drive digitalization, increase productivity and commerce through digital infrastructures, cloud-based digital services like ours will empower the younger workforce to drive the New Business 4.0 momentum. Combining this with strategic partnerships to create a strong digital ecosystem. These are critical factors in achieving this goal for the benefit of the country and its people.”

The company added: “Since most of the businesses that were affected by the pandemic is now gearing up for the post-COVID operation, it’s the ideal time for companies to future proof itself and deploy the first integrated cloud-based HR management system in Cambodia.”

Who are QHR Solutions (Cambodia)?

QHR Solutions (Cambodia) is owned and developed by Enable Business Pte Ltd with 3 focusses; Stability, Security and Service. It was established in 2013 to address the growing needs and demands of companies requiring specialized HR software and services unique to their industry.

QHR is an acclaimed and award-winning solution being named as the:

  • Best Applicant Tracking Software (Silver Award 2019)
  • Best HR Start-up Company (Gold Award 2018)
  • Human Resource Consulting Case Study of the Year 2018


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