Revamped Water Plant Comes Online


A water treatment plant, revamped and expanded with financial assistance from Japan, was launched yesterday in Kampot.

Cham Prasidh (left), Minister of Industry and Handicrafts. Chip Mong Group

Presiding over the inauguration ceremony yesterday, Prime Minister Hun Sen said, “This water treatment plant will significantly improve people’s health as well as promote economic and social development.”

He said it will also attract more investment to the coastal province.

The plant will bring clean and safe water to people in Kampot and Teuk Chhou district at an average price of 1,400 riel per cubic metre.

The expansion project has been financed through a $26 million grant from the Japanese government.

“In recent years, Kampot province has seen significant improvements in physical infrastructure and economic and social development,” the prime minister said, highlighting Kampot’s upcoming deep seaport.

Cham Prasidh, the Minister of Industry and Handicrafts, said Kampot can now produce 13,260 cubic metres of water per day, compared to 5,760 cubic metres before the new facility came online. About 14,000 families will receive water produced at the plant.

“The plant is equipped with modern facilities to purify the water and ensure efficiency and quality. It will allow people to drink directly from the faucet,” he said.

With demand for water on the rise, the minister said they are seeking private partners to invest in new water treatment facilities to supply Kampot and Kep.

In 2018, about 1 million families had access to clean water in Cambodian cities, a yearly increase of 38 percent. That same year, 3.9 million cubic metres of water were produced, compared to just 1.76 million five years prior, Mr Prasidh added.

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.