Starbucks Opens Second Cafe At Aeon Mall



American coffee giant Starbucks opened yesterday its second outlet in the country at Aeon Mall.

The opening of the second Starbucks cafe comes less than six months after the first store opened its doors at the Phnom Penh International Airport in December.

Aeon Mall’s outlet is, however, the first one in a publically accessible location, since non-travellers cannot enter the airport terminal where the first outlet is located.

“Since our first store is in the airport terminal, all the people from outside could net get in,” said Por Lim, Starbuck’s general manager.

Lim said that Starbucks has grown in reputation over the past several months, cementing the brand and assuring further investment.

The next Starbucks outlet is scheduled to open in October in Boeung Keng Kang district. According to Lim, further expansions are dependent on the success of the first two outlets.


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