Swedish Embassy in Phnom Penh stops accepting passport applications


The Embassy of Sweden Phnom Penh has announced in March 2021, that it can no longer accept applications for regular passports in Cambodia.

The announcement was made on March 22, 2021, and posted on the Swedish embassy’s Facebook page saying:

“The Embassy in Phnom Penh is no passport authority, ie the Embassy cannot accept applications for regular passports. Unfortunately, this has created concerns for Swedes living in Cambodia with regular passports whose validity is about to expire. Cambodian rules allow visa/residence permit (visa) to be extended only until six months before the last day of the passport.”

The embassy has suggested that any of its residents and passport holders based in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and whose passport expires in 2021, provide information about names, last validity day for the passport, type of visibility for Cambodia and its last validity.

You should “write to the Embassy’s email address ([email protected]) and write ′′Passport information′′ in the subject line” and not post the information online or via social media.

The embassy added that it hopes it “will soon be possible to travel to other countries in the region in order to apply for regular passports at Swedish embassy/consulate general.

It was previously announced in 2020, that the Embassy in Cambodia would close down before the end of 2021:

“Changes are being made to Sweden’s diplomatic presence in Cambodia. The Swedish Government decided on 26 November 2020 that the Embassy of Sweden in Phnom Penh will be closed by the end of 2021. Sweden has good relations with Cambodia. These will now continue in new ways.

The intention is to concurrently accredit the Ambassador in Bangkok to Cambodia, and the activities of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) will be transferred to the Embassy in Bangkok. The MFA will no longer have any staff stationed in Cambodia when the Embassy has been closed. Development cooperation will continue to be carried out by Sida.”

More information about other embassies in Cambodia can be found here, or on business chambers and business associations here.


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