Train Service Resumes To Tourist’s Delight



After a test run over Khmer New Year, Royal Railways will resume service from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville this weekend after a 14-year break. While the train takes around eight hours to reach the coast, it proved to be extremely popular among new year holidaymakers, selling 2,550 tickets over eight days, the Cambodia Daily reported. Tickets go for just $6 to the coast, or $4 to $5 for passengers departing at Kampot and Takeo, where the train stops along the way.

The price will undoubtedly draw passengers looking for a cheaper alternative to the long drive to the coast, which can get overloaded with trucks. “The short and long of it is that it seems the public is warming to the idea of [trains]”, Royal Railways CEO John Guiry told the Cambodia Daily.

Cambodia will likely find a hit with the train service, as old fashioned transport has made a comeback with foreign tourists in Southeast Asia, particularly price-conscious backpackers. Myanmar’s train service from Mandalay has rave reviews on TripAdvisor despite its slow pace, while Thailand’s Bangkok to Chiang Mai line is also extremely popular.

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