Tribal Visual Lab – Cambodia’s first Extended Reality Virtual Production Studio


Tribal Visual Lab, which claims to be Cambodia’s first Extended Reality (XR) Virtual Production studio, showed off its services at the Cambodia Tech Expo ‘22 (CTX) this past weekend.

Tribal Visual Lab - Cambodia’s first Extended Reality Virtual Production Studio
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Tribal Visual Lab offers businesses and production companies new opportunities to explore the possibilities that XR offers. They provide services for corporate events, advertising and short film production.

Utilizing LED screens, virtual production offers an alternative to green screen post-production and the end product benefits from providing “realistic lighting and immersive environments which can be easily altered, while previse movement tracking allows visual effects to be edited with ease.”

Tribal Visual Lab also has a broad selection of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) and were demonstrating at the CTX Startup area of the Tech show in Phnom Penh.

Tribal Visual Lab - Cambodia’s first Extended Reality Virtual Production Studio
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Disguise Expert and Managing Partner of Tribal Visual Lab, Ilham Fajar Hadi, said “New creative technologies are increasingly popular and are being brought into the market, it is about time to take the competitiveness in Cambodia on to the next step.

As brands are constantly trying to outdo their rivals with innovations and creativity with other studios. As much as we want to compete in the market, we also want to invite them to join in collaboration works and developing the Cambodia Creative Industry.”

The team is composed of international members who have a combined industry experience of more than ten years.

Tribal Visual Lab business partner Osman Omar, added “our team’s goal is to work towards uplifting the Cambodian creative industry, and we are calling on industry peers to harness the infinite possibilities made possible with this groundbreaking technology.”

The company aims to officially launch early in 2023 with more activities planned to show off the technologies in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

In addition, Tribal Visual Lab provides Research and Development, consulting, and production services.

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