We Are Together For A Better Community


Mr. BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE KRA CSR PROGRAM has laid the foundation through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with its programs for the community and environment.

Since the official introduction of BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE KRA CSR PROGRAM by King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management Board of Directors, the program has laid the foundation of program initiatives and activities for a better community.

Under the auspices of Mr. Ban Vibol as the BVI Program President and with the supervision of BVI Program Director Mr. Jomari Cruz, a yearlong program has been created in which they laid down the ground works for more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the people within the community and for the preservation of the environment.

‘’Our main aim for BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE is to give value and prestige for the local artisans, creative artists, encouraging the communities to preserve our environment, to promote health awareness & Khmer Heritage and to create Khmer jobs’’, said Mr. Ban Vibol, the initiative president.

With its successful pilot project of the SIEM REAP CLEAN UP program, the event has seen the participation of 316 volunteers coming from tourism industries, private corporations and government agencies.

‘’In this Siem Reap Clean Up, during which we acted as the a community organizer, all volunteers took time out their respective busy schedules and bonded together to help to clean the city, to orient the people within the community concerning the consequences of using plastic in our daily lives’’, commented Mr. Jomari Cruz BVI Program Director.

The Initiative joined hands with other businesses in Siem Reap concerning numerous charity activities for the environment and to support Angkor Hospital for Children.

Moreover BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE KRA CSR PROGRAM has taken a bold step of providing a hyper premium location at King’s Road Angkor Dining & Shopping complex to the Made in Cambodia Market Association, free charge and allowing the association to promote Cambodian made products, thus providing Khmer Jobs in this initiative.

With the recently signed MOU with Mr. Riem Monisivlong, a young creative artist, BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE has offered him a place to showcase his marvelous works of art at ANM Khmer Market.

‘’We are supporting Cambodian Artists who have shown their creative artistry in their works, enhancing the status of our local artists to be the best in the world in terms of creativity’’, explained Mr. Jomari Cruz during the interview after the MOU signing.

This 4th quarter of 2019 will see exciting and meaningful programs that have been laid out by BAN VIBOL INITIATIVE, which will strengthen the community projects and enhance the cooperation of the business communities in order to strengthen corporate social responsibility.



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