Yeo’s Cheng Bou Leong Soft Drink Designs Limited Edition Can To Celebrate Chinese New Year


Yeo’s Cambodia is inviting customers to get in the festive spirit as it launches a Chinese New Year can dedicated to the Year of the Dragon.

Yeos New Can Design, Year of the Dragon, Chinese New Year
Yeo’s New Can Design./Image supplied.

Yeo’s Cambodia is welcoming in the Year of the Dragon with a creative roar as Asia’s leading drinks brand unveils a limited edition Cheng Bou Leong can to ensure customers can celebrate Chinese New Year in style. 

Yeo’s Cambodia is inviting customers to join in with the Chinese New Year celebrations, while wishing them good luck for the Year of the Dragon, with special packaging. The red can symbolises joy, celebration, vitality, success and good fortune, while the colourful dragon pays tribute to the upcoming year.

Yeos New Can Design, Year of the Dragon, Chinese New Year - Yeo's employees standing with cans at a bar
Image supplied.

Yeo’s Cheng Bou Leong is a healthy herbal tea that uses extracts from a special plant to help reduce body heat. It’s perfect paired with barbecues, spicy food, and hot soups. Standing as a symbol of health and festivity, Chinese New Year is the ideal time for Cheng Bou Leong to roll out celebrations.

“As Chinese New Year approaches, Yeo’s Cambodia is embodying the festive spirit, and inviting customers to usher in this special occasion with Cheng Bou Leong’s limited edition design. We wish everyone a prosperous Year of the Dragon, and believe Cheng Bou Leong is the perfect accompaniment to celebrate with,” said Ozgur Simsek, Yeo’s Managing Director of Emerging Markets.

Yeos New Can Design, Year of the Dragon, Chinese New Year - Yeo's employees at the night market
Image supplied.

To mark the launch of the new design, while aptly ringing in the New Year, Yeo’s Cambodia is hosting a series of fun activities. The highlight will see a Chinese flash dance mob entertain diners at restaurants throughout Phnom Penh. These include spicy noodle joints, Sichuan hot pot spots, soup and barbecue places, and food night markets. 

There will also be the chance to scoop prizes by playing various games during each of the events. Follow Yeo’s Cambodia on social media for more information.

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