Cambodia Business Awards 2023


B2B Cambodia was proud to announce the Cambodia Business Awards 2023 at a recent press event, which aims to recognise excellence in the Cambodian business community.

Tom O’Sullivan, CEO of, stated, “We have partnered with key business governing bodies, chambers of business, and leading media as core partners for the awards. Additionally, we have confirmed individual business leaders as judges for the event. We look forward to releasing more news about this exciting initiative in the coming weeks.”

He also added that the Cambodia Business Awards 2023 will cover all industries and the entire market no matter the size and scope of the business in Cambodia.

The sectors would include, for example, ISPs, Telcos, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, and Startups, with the awards aiming to recognise successful businesses, business leaders and entrepreneurs in Cambodia.

More announcements will be made in the coming weeks but businesses can register their interest in the event and after the official launch of the Cambodia Business Awards 2023 entries to the awards will be accepted via the new Cambodia Business Awards 2023 website through which businesses can make their formal registration.


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