“Go Digital Cambodia” Website Launched To Promote Digital Inclusivity


The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications launched the “Go Digital Cambodia” website as part of Cambodia’s future digital government policy and to promote digital hubs of information and inclusivity. 

“Go Digital Cambodia” Website

A statement from the MPT said, “In order to promote the development of digital knowledge and the effective use of digital systems in daily life the ministry has organised the Go Digital Cambodia programme in line with the “Digital Government of Cambodia Policy 2022-2035.”

The digital transformation has been rapid in the Kingdom, with the pace of change impacted by the pandemic as businesses, individuals, and government departments raced to adopt contactless and easier means of conducting business, allowing for digital payments and online interactions and a “way of life”.

The launch of godigital.gov.kh aims to offer “a hub for gathering information, data and digital knowledge, including online security, digital tools, social media platforms, online shopping and financial technology portals.”

After reviewing the website, it’s clear it’s still in its early stages with limited content. Under the Digital Hub for the Businesses section, there are duplicate topics and links.

The website does claim to promote the following:

  • Digital Enablers – To open up opportunities for everyone to be more engaged, participated, and involved.
  • Digital Literacy and Capability – To raise and build up knowledge and skills to be aware and know how to use​ digital technology confidently and safely, and ethically.
  • Digital Accessibility – To enable digital inclusion and inclusive communication for everyone.

There are also events listed as well as educational information and ways to get involved with funds, ideas and more.

Video Content Contest – MPT

The ministry has organised a competition to produce educational video content on two topics: “One day in the digital world” and “Keeping Facebook accounts secure”.

  • “One day in the digital world” – Entrants are required to prepare video content to share their experiences with the use of digital tools and applications that are useful for their studies or daily work.
  • “Keeping Facebook accounts secure” – Prepare video content on the various ways a person can secure their Facebook account and make it resistant to hacking attempts.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications said “The three videos with the highest scores for each topic will receive prizes from the ministry of one million ($250) to four million riel ($1,000).”

The ministry added that the competition winners might have the opportunity to become educational content producers for the MPT and will also be invited to a panel discussion with a representative from Facebook in Cambodia.

New Cambodian Business Web Portal Launched

New Cambodian Business Web Portal Launched

The Royal Government of Cambodia also launched the web portal www.business.gov.kh, “which aims to be a central hub providing all information about doing business in Cambodia.”

Kong Marry, Under Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Secretary General of the General Secretariat of the Digital Economy and Business Committee, told the Khmer Times: “With the incorporation of artificial intelligence, the portal is so smart and intelligent that by just providing the name of the business the entrepreneur wants to start, the portal with the help of a few questions will calculate the requirements and tell what he or she needs to do at every stage.

The entrepreneur can complete the registration work in eight days if all the documents are proper.”

Digital Initiatives & Trends 2022 – Cambodia

  • The ASEAN Centre for Digital Education is officially launched in Phnom Penh on November 1 2022 – the centre will cover the education sector, from early childhood to higher education, technical education, non-formal education, and inclusive education.
  • South East Asia’s (SEA’s) digital economy is on course to reach $200 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) in 2022, according to the e-Conomy SEA 2022 report by Google (conducted along with Temasek and Bain & Company.)
  • Cambodia Tech Expo 2022 (CTX 2022) runs from 11-13 November 2022.
  • Securities and Regulator Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SREC) & Binance sign MoU.


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