Maybank Cambodia Hosts Event To Boost Banking Talent Development

Maybank Cambodia offers numerous development programmes for graduates and students looking to establish a career in the banking industry.

A first-of-its-kind event to help accelerate the development of skilled talent and create a sustainable pipeline of human capital for the country’s banking industry was hosted by Maybank Cambodia on Friday.

The event, entitled eMpoweringTalents@Cambodia and held at Maybank Tower on Norodom Blvd, also aims to provide Cambodian youths with greater awareness of training and career opportunities in Maybank, which is Southeast Asia’s fourth largest banking group by assets.

The official opening ceremony was presided over by Sok Ousa, deputy director of onsite supervision at the National Bank of Cambodia, Maybank Cambodia Chairman Dato’ Johan Ariffin and Group Chief Human Capital Officer Nora Manaf, with Malaysian Ambassador to Cambodia Dato’ Sri Hasan Malek, members of the Board and management of Maybank Cambodia, and senior representatives and more than 150 students from top universities in Phnom Penh also in attendance.

Maybank Group Chief Human Capital Officer Nora Manaf speaks during the eMpoweringTalents@Cambodia event on Friday at Maybank Tower.

“Maybank has diverse operations across the globe with world-class career and development opportunities. We believe that we can give graduates and students in Cambodia that special insight into the different opportunities in this field and how they can build careers for themselves in one of the most sought-after industries,” Nora Manaf said during her address.

The Maybank official added that, with 21 branches in operation in Cambodia, they were deeply committed to supporting the development of human capital in the country as it moves on to become an upper-middle income country by 2030.

Four of Maybank Group’s key career and development programmes were highlighted during the meeting.

The ‘Branch Management Entry Level Pipeline’ is aimed at nurturing aspiring branch managers for the Community Financial Services sector, while the award-winning ‘Global Maybank Apprentice Programme’ provides on-the-job training and opportunities to experience international assignments in offices where Maybank has a presence.

The ‘Junior Watch High Potential Performer Integrated Programme’, meanwhile, is a leadership development programme for noted banking talent aged 35 and below, and the ‘Branch Manager Certification Programme’ is an assessment of branch managers’ competencies accompanied by an intervention programme.

More than 150 students from top universities in Phnom Penh attended the eMpoweringTalents@Cambodia event.

“We spend a lot time with our young ASEAN scholars and students from universities through informal and formal platforms,” said Manaf. “I believe that quality engagement with our young talents can have a fantastic and diverse effect on us.

“It’s not just the young talent who will gain the benefits, but we as an organisation will too. By leveraging on their digital skills and knowledge of the changing world around them can lead us to have a fresher approach and success. Their creativity is endless as long as we don’t fail to encourage them to realise their ideas.”

One of the key highlights of the eMpoweringTalents@Cambodia event was the Mpower Chat Series, a panel discussion on the development of the ASEAN region from business and people perspectives. The panel featured government advisor Dr Sok Siphana, BTI Consultants Asia Pacific managing director & vice president Anthony Raja Devadoss, and Maybank Group officials.



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