Restrictions on business travellers to Cambodia set to ease


The Cambodian Royal Government has announced the loosening of travel restrictions to Cambodia under COVID-19, which makes it easier for business visa holders to enter the Kingdom.

Meas Sok Sensan, the spokesman of the Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance, said this week that the easing of the travel restrictions would apply to “business-linked travellers, including investors, directors, general managers, technical staff and their family members.”

In additions, Cambodian based businesses would be able to sponsor or guarantee the incoming expats adding “The application for sponsorship or guarantee can be done online. Then, an approval letter with a QR Code will be issued which the company can send to the traveller (s) prior to their trip.”

The restrictions on travellers and business people have been in force since March 2020, but the process and requirements as well as the procedures on arrival have been fluid and changed over the months as the government has tried to minimise and react to the ongoing global pandemic.

Business traveller to Cambodia COVID-19 guidelines
Photo Credit: (Fresh News) New guidelines for business travellers to Cambodia make it easier to enter the Kingdom

What are the new requirements for business travellers to Cambodia?

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has also said the business-linked traveller’s requirements to pay a $3,000 deposit and have a $50,000 insurance would be waived, which was one of the biggest deterrents.

A 72 hours ‘COVID-19 free’ health certificate is still required and visitors on arrival will have to take a COVID-19 test, which is the case now. The results of the test will be known in about 8 hours.

Another addition is that incoming travellers can now pre-book their hotel accommodation for the first night with MEF to publish an approved list of the assigned hotels soon.

In terms of costs, a $160 fee will be charged which includes the fee for the swab tests, meals and transport to the hotel for the first.

  • If the test is negative, travellers are required to self-quarantine for 14 days at a venue of their choice.
  • If they are tested positive, they will be sent for treatment and the company will have to pay the total bill.

So in summary, foreigners with sponsorship from a business need:

Before arrival:

  • Must hold a sponsorship letter issued by the sponsor. The sponsor must fill in the digital sponsorship form in the website of the Cambodian Ministry of Health and the Cambodia Development Council and it must be recognized by the Cambodia Development Council or the Ministry of Commerce or other related Ministries or institutions. The completion and recognition of the sponsorship letter must be done digitally via CamDX.
  • Book the accommodation (which will be issued by the Ministry of Health)
  • The business will need to cover the cost of screening/swab test, transportation from the airport to the booked accommodation as well as the one-night accommodation and meals.
  • Must have the relevant health certificate certifying the No Covid-19 Positive issued by their respective home country government within 72 hours before the departure.

On arrival:

  • In the case of a positive test, the business sponsor will cover the expenditure on quarantine and medication until full recovery.
  • You will also still be required to enter your details on the FPCS system.

When will these changes come into effect?

The MEF hopes these changes can be implemented as possible, with August 2020 more likely, however, it’s advised to keep up to date on new official announcements.

One reason for the delay could be that the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation was not part of the meeting when these decisions were made between the officials of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of Health reported the Khmer Times.

We would also advise you to join the Cambodia Visa and Work Permit Group FB group which has detailed first-hand accounts of entering the country over recent months.

By July 23rd 2020, Cambodia has so far recorded a total of 198 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 142 patients cured and 56 remained in hospital.


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